Being Green has Always Been Easy – in the Santa Cruz Mountains, at Least.

Century old coastal redwood trees growing vigorously in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I have been thinking at lot about being green lately. And not just because of my new blog and boutique Internet content creation business, (although it is a good excuse to mention it).

Sword fern unfurling new fronds.

It’s because of the flu pandemic and the talk about we as humans can best adapt to the Anthropocene epoch in Earth’s very long and very complex history. We’re talking billions of sun cycles here.

Tree ring of a coastal live oak taken down to protect Pacific Gas & Electric high voltage transmission lines.

I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California near San Francisco & Stanford University. But it’s not to the city or university I am looking to “solve” the current mess we’re all in. Arguably, they helped get us in it with all the global connections and trade routes.

Redwood stump acting as a nursery log for holly sprouts.

No, I am looking at something older and wiser for guidance, and that is the forest itself. Nursery logs, in particular. What are they? I thought you’d never ask!

More holly using a tree stump to grow in.

Nursery logs or stumps are useful places for other plants to sprout and grow. They provide a bit of elevation, needed moisture, some nutrients, and a little bit of protection from the elements and denizens of the forest. Is it much more than just springing up from the ground? Probably not, most of the time when things are normal.

The redwood forest is beautiful but also treacherous.

But times are never normal all the time, if ever, really. So nursery logs fills niche. Just like they can, metaphorically speaking, for us today. And this blog is about precisely that: uncovering and sharing “natural hacks” that provide us metaphorically with tips for being greener, healthier, smarter, & more productive in our working lives as well.

Split oak wood with its thick layer of moss visible.

So, Mega Tech like Google/Alphabet, Facebook, and can provide nursery logs to help small startups grow. Don’t wait! Help them when they need it most, and they will reward you with secrets for survival that may just make the next global pandemic easier and possibly more profitable than the current outbreak, which is costing us all – big time!

Redwoods in the mist collect moisture in their branches as “rain.”

The more we nurture micro startups like mine, the stronger the collective forest will be. It does not ultimately matter if those holly sprouts or ferns become as tall & ancient as the redwoods (Mega Tech). They are part of the healthy ecosystem. They need help now! When it matters most. Not when they have already grown big enough for others to notice. Being green does not mean throwing money to charity. It means investing it in microdoses wisely.

Fern fronds growing on a redwood tree stump.

This is the message we need to learn from the trees. The really old and wise ones who know more collectively than we ever will, even in the Internet Age. Listen, look, & learn!

Fire burns the lower truck of very ancient redwoods (1000+ years), but the branches collect sunlight far above.

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I am a content writer and founder of, an eco consultancy based in Woodside, California that assists Silicon Valley companies in developing greener products and promoting sustainable Earth solutions on social media. I offer team training sessions year-round in Northern California.

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