Spanish style omelette (tortilla de patatas) without all the mess.

Ready for the table …

When I lived in Madrid one summer, I used to love making potato omelettes brimming no with caramelized yellow onions & soaked in local olive oil. Such simple pleasures had their downsides, however, in hours spent on a hot, steamy kitchen and lots of oily scents in hair & clothing.

The perfect Spanish style omelette.

Now, I make the perfect Spanish style omelette without the mess. How? By being always green, of course! That is, after all, the leitmotif if this blog and founding principle of my boutique Internet content startup, No mess. Limited oil. Less time cooking. Less electricity or gas. It all adds up.

Helpful tools for the prep.

I start with 6 to 8 fresh pastured organic eggs, 1 medium shallot, & 1 lb. or so organic potatoes. Boil the potatoes slowly until fork tender and cool. Use a fine Microplane grater to liquify your shallot into a paste, then whisk in a dash of organic apple cider vinegar & 3x that amount of good olive oil.

Lodge cast iron pans are ideal for retaining heat.

I preheat a medium sized seasoned Lodge cast iron pan in a 350F oven. I grate about 2 ounces of semi soft cheddar cheese into the shallot paste and then the whisked eggs. Using a box grater, I shred to potatoes and discard the last bit of skins for composting (or snacking on while you cook).

I add the wet ingredients (eggs, cheddar, shallot paste) to the potatoes & spoon it all into the preheated cast iron pan with about 1 tablespoon of fresh olive oil on the bottom to prevent sticking. Wait 30 to 40 minutes at 350F for the omelette to cook.

When the center is firm, remove from oven and use a spatula around the edges and then invert your omelette on a plate or saucepan lid.

Inverted omelette on a saucepan lid.

Then, slide the omelette onto a serving dish and dress up with fresh herbs 🌿 or simply slice at the table and serve to your guests. This will be good as a main meal for 2 people or a tapas style dish for many more (8 slices).

Ready to enjoy.

The omelette can be eaten right away or allowed to cool for later. The flavors of the main ingredients are central here, but you can get creative with the secondary flavors. Smoked paprika is a favorite, as is fresh dill. Enjoy!

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