Profiles in Green Power

Visionaries and Entrepreneurs of the PermaAge

“To be courageous, these stories make clear, requires no exceptional qualifications, no magic formula, no special combination of time, place and circumstance. It is an opportunity that sooner or later is presented to us all. “

John F. Kennedy, Profiles in courage

Profiles in Green Power highlights the personal stories and compelling life paths of women, men, and gender non-binaries who are doing their parts to respond effectively to global climate change and to prolong the Earth’s abilities to sustain human life into the next century.

As societies around the planet transition from the fossil fuel technologies and extractive economic models of the last two hundred years towards a more sustainable, adaptable one with far greater potential for long-term, more equitable growth – what we at Sempervirens117 refer to as the PermaAge – such stories of personal moral courage and crusading mission will become more important than ever.

The series – modeled on the highly successful style featured regularly in the New York Times illuminates the lives and explores the dreams of green economy entrepreneurs, global visionaries, social media influencers, and other climate change “change-makers” from all walks of life: everyone from scientific experts, documentary filmmakers, biodynamic winemakers, regenerative ranchers, high school podcasters, and former schoolteachers to sustainable solutions professionals and others who have taken up exciting new jobs in the green tech sector mid-career, or even later.

Profiles in Green Power is unlike any conventional piece of news journalism you’ve ever seen before. Each profile has been done entirely online using our adaptive Three Tiered Triangle (TTT) question and answer format that relies on shared Google folders to upload and edit content, with no time or content constraints imposed that would artificially end the process before it reaches a natural and mutually agreed upon stopping point.

In addition, every individual featured was able to offer feedback on the profile throughout the process and allowed to share it on their own website and social media when finished without restrictions.

Our goal isn’t to compete with professional news journalism but rather to showcase in a sympathetic light the incredible personal stories of our “Climate Change Superheroes” in their own words as narrated to us in response to our back-and-forth questions.

We hope the resulting profiles will invite others who encounter these stories to emulate their courageous examples. Profiles in Green Power provides concrete evidence that creating a greener, better, and more sustainable society in our lifetimes is possible.

These profiles will serve as a digital record for the future that people like those featured here didn’t back down from the challenge when the going got really tough. And if they could do it, then so can you.

If you know of others in your network who might be excellent choices for a future Profiles in Green Power feature, please reach out to them and see if they’re interested. We’ll be happy to connect with them on LinkedIn and social media sites like Twitter and Instagram and extend an invitation on your recommendation if they are a good fit for the series.

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