Growing a Greener Economy

Santa Cruz Coastal Redwoods Retreat.

This spectacular and rewarding team building retreat, set along the Pacific Coast near Santa Cruz, California, is ideally suited for all companies, business, and organizations looking to enhance group communication and collaboration skills while learning about green economic growth during farm visits, winery tours, brewery stops, and local farm-to-table organic dining experiences.

The 5-day, 4-night package covers all 17 Steps to Sustainability outdoor learning modules in a series of progressive stages. On Day 1, we start with the basics, and by the evening of Day 4, we have reached the Level V learning tier (“Business and the Biosphere”). Your group can prepare to return home feeling revitalized, reenergized, and ready to implement desirable changes to your company’s sustainability goals and plans for future green economic innovation.

The Basics

Group Size: 12 or less.

Learning Modules: Tiers I-V (LM1 – LM17).

Instructional Fee: $1000 per day (all inclusive, with personalized daily online feedback for each participant). 20% discount for first-time clients with 5% rebate for each successful referral that results in a new booking. 100% money-back guarantee.

Accommodations: 4 night stay at Costanoa Camp and Lodge, a rustic and secluded retreat with restaurant and bar, located on the Pacific Coast about 30 minutes north of Santa Cruz and 1 hour away from SFO International Airport. (prearranged by Sempervirens117).

Sustainable Solutions Survival Kit: Presented to each participant on Day 1. Includes: an organic cotton “I Love California” reusable tote bag; a SIGG 0.7L Swiss-made reusable aluminum water bottle; a Rotring German-made mechanical metal pencil and a locally-made notebook for journaling; a Snowpeak Japanese-designed titanium outdoor dining set (plate, spork, and coffee mug); a Gerber folding serrated knife made in Portland, Oregon; a personal copy of Sarah Frey, The Growing Season: How I Built a New Life and Saved an American Farm. (all items provided at cost by Sempervirens117).

Not Covered: Group meals and drinks. Transportation.

Additional Considerations: Participants will have an opportunity in Day 1 to visit a Patagonia outlet store in Santa Cruz to purchase extra clothing or outdoor gear needed to make their retreat an outstanding one. While none of the planned activities involve strenuous physical activity, daily hikes and walks are part of the outdoor learning experience, and improved fitness and personal feelings of wellbeing are intended outcomes. Each participant therefore will be asked to fill out a basic waiver form before they will be allowed to take part in the first outdoor learning module.

Delicate native plants like these are a key feature of the landscape we explore during morning outdoor learning modules along the Pacific Coast.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Orientation

9:30am-10:30am: Meet and Greet, @Cat & Cloud Coffee in Aptos, California

11am-1pm: Tier I (Cognition and Consciousness), LM 1 (first principles thinking) + LM 2 (@Aptos Street BBQ or @Mentone (Mediterranean, brick-oven pizza).

1:30pm-3pm: Tier I, LM 3 (deep dive thinking) @Ser tasting room (Central Coast wines made by Nicole Walsh).

3:30pm: Santa Cruz stop @Patagonia outlet store for extra gear (optional).

4:30pm: Check in to accommodations @Costanoa.

6pm: Group meal and first seminar discussion @Cascade Restaurant.

7pm-8pm: Tier II (Influence and Expressiveness), LM 4,5,&6 (oral, textual, listening literacies): Sarah Frey, The Growing Season.

8:15pm-9pm: Tier IV (Warriors of the Workplace), LM 13 (Social Media Mentalities & Creative Online Code Switching): writing small business reviews on Yelp.

9pm-9:15pm: Tier IV, LM 11 (Mindfulness @Work and Sympathetic Self-Care): evening meditation using the Calm app.

Day 2: Ebb and Flow

Day 3: Cycles and Circuits

Day 4: Go Getting and Goal-Setting

Day 5: Debrief and Departure

The trail to the Franklin Point overlook passes through rare examples of native sand dunes and the unique plant species that they protect.

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