All the Roadrunning, by Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris

To call this immortal album a series of duets would be like calling the Bible just another book.

All the Roadrunning, by Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris, is available in multiple formats on Amazon.

There are duets. Famous ones, even. And then there is All the Roadrunning. It’s immortality on a shiny compact disc, showcasing two of the best singers, guitar players, and performers in the past 50 years. Together. Playing and singing and swinging in time to songs that defy easy categorization. To call these songs duets would be like calling the Bible just another book. Maybe a good book. But not THE Good Book.

That’s what All the Roadrunning is: THE Good Book for lovers of true blue, honest-to-goodness music. You know! M-U-S-I-C. The kind you knew as a child watching Sesame Street. Or the Muppet Show. Or Laurence Welk, for all I care. Grand Ole Opry. The actual opera houses of Florence, Paris, or Vienna. Music. The kind that resounds in memory, that makes you tap your toes, and the kind that fills your hearts and makes you dream at night of a better, kinder, gentler world.

Will this album get played at weddings? “This is Us” certainly deserves it. Will it make anyone’s top 100 list of the best albums of the 21st century? Who the heck cares! I don’t. Mark doesn’t. And as for Emmylou – that woman is ALL woman, and she bleeds music, and she won’t stand for any reviewer nonsense. She’s been there. Done that. 

Mark and Emmylou: you are welcome at our Santa Cruz Mountains cottage anytime. Maybe you’re on tour in the Bay Area. We’ll treat you to a hazy IPA at the Fieldwork biergarten in San Mateo’s Bay Meadow. Or gin and tonic and whiskey cocktails at Venus Spirits Distillery in Santa Cruz. We’ll sip local wine at Ridge Monte Bello while looking out over Facebook, Google, and Apple headquarters and dig into homemade rye bread and smoked salmon and cured ham and sausages and goodness knows what else. Because when you make music this good, you deserve credit where credit is due. 5 stars does not do this music justice. Wine, food, and Pacific sunsets do. Mark and Emmylou, you must trust that what I am telling you is true! 

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