Tracy Chapman’s Let it Rain – 20 Years (and Many Tears) Later

A hard album to love; an impossible album to forget.

Originally published as a review on Amazon. This album is available for purchase on Amazon as well in multiple formats.

This is indeed a hard album to love. It took me a full 10 listenings before I was able to embrace it with unabashed affection. At first, it seemed too slow, too sad, too unbearable. Why, Tracy? Why? Why is it so hard for you to fall – and stay – in love? Many of us have been in love for years, if not decades. Why not someone as special as you? 

It was while driving alongside the Crystal Springs Reservoir in northern California, on cruise control at 50mph, that these songs hit me. They are not sad. They shine. They resound into heaven. They make me smile. They make me weep. I wish I could comfort you, Tracy, but these songs, they are almost two decades old. Can you possibly still be hurting from then now, in 2019? 

Why get this album? Because we are all one. Because Tracy is a Son of God, just as we are all. Because forgiveness is our function in this world of illusions. Because only love is real, because only love is true. Ambition? Not real. Envy? A fantasy. Vengeance? A fool’s errand. Tracy, she suffers. But in truth, she does not. She is perfect as God created her. When I listen to this album, with my ears tuned to the song of the Holy Spirit, and not NPR or Donald Trump, all I hear is beauty. Profound beauty. Enduring peace. Endless joy. 

Tracy, my friend, I love you and all you do. Sing for us as long as you wish, and we will listen to your words. God bless us, each and every one. Is there any way to rate such a thing on Amazon? Does Jeff Bezos even care? I have literally no idea. But in my heart of hearts, I have to hope that Jeff “gets it.” That Jeff, too, loves to listen to Tracy Chapman albums as much as I do. That Jeff, for all his billions of dollars in wealth, also has loved and lost and hurt, and that Tracy speaks to him. Of loss. Of lust. Of the need to be loved. Of the way we all hurt and harm and heal and hope for a better life in heaven. Jeff: listen to this album! It will make you a better man, and better husband, a better father. I have no doubts whatsoever that these words are true. 

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