America’s Backroads with Jeff Bezos™ Episode 1: Kristall Klar Washer Fluid

Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate

Unofficial transcript of a conversation between Amazon founder and world’s wealthiest man, Jeff B., and Amazon Prime member Bradley N.

(Recorded live in Harney County, Oregon on January 3, 2021).

Jeff: Hi everyone, and welcome to Episode 1 of “America’s Backroads with Jeff Bezos™,” a new Amazon Studios documentary series, in which I explore the hidden corners of the American landscape in search of automotive adventure. I fly into a remote location in my personal helicopter to meet with an Amazon Prime member who introduces me to an automotive-related product purchased on Amazon that is particularly useful in the backroads of this amazing country of ours.

Today, we’re at an absolutely amazing winter landscape location in eastern Oregon, at the Kiger Gorge overlook in the Steens Mountain Wilderness, talking with Bradley N. about Kristall Klar premium washer fluid concentrate, which makes 12 gallons of washer fluid from a recyclable, 250ml plastic bottle for about $12 – that’s $1 per gallon of washer fluid, folks. It sounds like a really great deal, and I’ve flown in from Amazon HQ in Seattle to learn more about it. So, Bradley N., is Kristall Klar all that it claims to be?

Bradley: Yes, Jeff, it’s all that and more. You see, Kristall Klar is a German-designed washer fluid concentrate made by Nextzett that is the ultimate windshield cleaner for your vehicle. In my case, this is a Subaru Impreza Outback Sport, which is the perfect vehicle for exploring the Oregon Outback.

Here, at above 9000 feet, overlooking a wonderful, U-shaped valley just west of the Alvord Desert, you get lots of bug splat, dirt, & weather related debris on your windshield, and you’ll likely use more than a few gallons over the course of your visit. But there aren’t exactly a ton of convenience stores or gas stations in these remote parts of Harney County, and next-day shipping on Amazon just isn’t all that likely. So why not take a bottle of Kristall Klar concentrate with you?

There is also a winter deicing additive available with all biodegradable ingredients that can protect to -60C if needed. This can be added into your washer fluid tank on top of the cleaner, based on how cold you expect temperatures to be over the winter months. It takes some mathematic calculations, but I guess maybe Alexa could help. Isn’t that right, Jeff?

J: Alexa is always ready to help! Just ask her. She is really good at math. Really, really good. As in the best.

B: Assuming you have Internet access out here in the wilderness. Otherwise, all you really need to create your all-season windshield cleaner is a gallon bottle and some water, and you’ve got up to 12 gallons of washer fluid at your disposal. What’s not to love about that?

J: And at only $1 per gallon, it’s a great deal. But is it effective?

B: It is! Really, really good. As in the best. It totally clears your front and back windshields of bug splatter and road dust, and here on Steens Mountain, there aren’t paved roads. Gravel, dirt, and lots of dust. That’s what makes this place so special. But it does take a toll on your windshield, so having Kristall Klar premium windshield washer concentrate with you in your trunk is a deal breaker.

J: Well, I must say that this is truly God’s country. The views, the light, the snowfields at 9000 feet above the desert. Truly a fantastic place! I’m so glad that I flew in here by helicopter to speak with you.

B: As am I, Jeff. As am I. 

J: Well, I am going to have all my drivers and staff who take care of my fleet of more than two dozen supercars, SUVs, off-road vehicles, and electronic vehicles order Kristall Klar premium washer fluid so that I can enjoy clear, bug-free driving on America’s backroads of beauty such as this.

B: Jeff, that is a great idea. A GREAT idea! 

J: I’d drink to that. Got anything in that Yeti cooler of yours I noticed in the rear of your Subaru that would hit the spot?

B: As luck would have it, I have an 2018 estate reserve Chardonnay from Chehalem Winery (Dundee Hills AVA) along with a 2017 Zenith Vineyard Pinot Noir from Saint Innocent Winery. Which would you prefer?

J: Can I have a glass of both?

B: Indeed, you can, Jeff. I also brought a sourdough baguette, some smoked quail eggs, sliced pork tenderloin, and aged cheddar cheese along with fresh pretzels and horseradish as well. And cured king salmon with green peppercorns and caraway seeds. It’s a feast for kings here. Cheers, Jeff! Here’s to clear free windshields and lots of useful votes on Amazon!

J: Cheers! I can definitely drink to that. More of America’s backroads adventures with me, Jeff Bezos, to come!

[end of transcript].

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