Being Green Can Be Delicious: Purée of Parsnip & Celeriac Soup.

Being green doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or enjoyment of your meals. It does mean knowing where your foods comes from, and knowing how best to unlock your food’s power to nourish & please discerning, sustainability minded family members & guests.

Oven roasting at 375F unlocks the flavor.

First, get good vegetables as your base for a weekday soup & salad meal. Organic, from a local farmers’ market is best. Roast at 375F in cast iron, such as Lodge, which is made in the USA, for about an hour, until the smells emanating from the oven tell you it is time.

Vitamax high end 750 series blender in copper finish, assembled in the USA.

You do need a great blender to transform your roasted vegetables & fresh herbs (like parsley) into a culinary masterpiece. The Vitamix 750 series is assembled in the USA, and it works like a dream.

Assembled in the USA with lifetime warranty.

Just add some good broth from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods (or simply simmer your vegetable peelings in water with a dash of miso or soy sauce), select the automated purée feature, and presto! Meals for the whole family.

Reuse old glass jars for storage in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Not ready yet to serve your soup? No worries! Store it in reusable glass jars and add in extra chopped parsley or similar herb, like cilantro or tarragon, and pair the soup with fresh bread and a simple salad of fresh greens and radishes.

Fresh herbs for finishing to soup make a great edible garnish.
German made knives and a good cutting board make prepping your chopped herbs almost effortless. Almost.

Vegetarian or with an animal based broth, this meal is very green and exceptionally delicious.

Watermelon radishes sliced thinly with a mandolin & garnished simply with raw apple cider vinegar & salt makes a great side dish to the meal.
Homemade rye bread is the perfect pairing with your gorgeous, green purée soup.

So, what are you waiting for? Made your own gorgeous green soup & salad meal today! It will save you money during the week, simply your weekday meal prep work, & help to save our shared planet Earth in the process. A win win win, in other words. And we all can use some winning like that!

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I am a content writer and founder of, an eco consultancy based in Woodside, California that assists Silicon Valley companies in developing greener products and promoting sustainable Earth solutions on social media. I offer team training sessions year-round in Northern California.

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