Destination Hike #001: Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

A local Kings Mountain banana slug sliming its way across the outdoor deck @sempervirens117 cottage, ca. 1 mile from Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP.

Over the course of more than a decade of determined wandering, I have managed to walk every inch of marked trail here, along with some unmarked others. If you ever need expert guide services to help you unlock the many hidden and healing secrets of Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP, I am your man. Contact me to arrange a personalized adventure in the redwoods today that literally will change your life for the better!

View looking towards Half Moon Bay’s legendary Mavericks big wave surf break from the Harkin’s Ridge Trail vista overlook.
Stopping for a rest and some Cotes du Rhône mulled wine in my Nissan silver bullet insulated thermos @theCraigBritton honorary stone bench, which is the only official seating and eating area in the entire 3,000+ acre Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.
This is an old heirloom apple tree that still produces delicious, edible fruit in late summer or early autumn. I collected several pounds of apples in September 2019. Highly recommended!
This is a somewhat secluded back entryway into Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP. It is at the end of Harkins Ridge Road, a semiprivate, single lane paved road. While I cannot endorse this, if the main Skyline trailhead parking areas are full, which can indeed be the case on busy weekends, you could – in the theory – Park a vehicle on an unmarked pullout about 1/4 mile from this locked gate. That way, you can access and experience the might and majesty of this immaculate redwood canyon the exact same way that I do by walking here from the sempervirens117 cottage @KingsMountain.
I hike in Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP at least once a week beginning around 8am on weekdays and doing loops in the 8 to 12 mile range w/ ca. 1400 feet elevation gain and loss in total. If you’d like to join me (experienced hikers only, please), message me on WordPress to make arrangements.
About once a month, I do a 15 mile fast hike w/ Leki trekking poles and Berghaus daypack up & down both steep and rugged sides of Purisima Canyon, using the Harkin’s Ridge, Purisima Creek, Borden Hatch Mill, Grabtown Gulch, & Craig Britton Trails. The hike has 3000+ feet of elevation gained & list, so it is not for the faint of heart, but it is an awesome experience that you need to do at least once annually if you live anywhere near the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and love to explore and hike in the redwoods.
I will be planning a February long loop hike soon, so if you are interested in joining me for the adventure of a lifetime (well, of your month of February, at any rate), write to me @WordPress or (sempervirens117), & we’ll arrange to meet up at one of the main trailheads. Thanks! I look forward to redwood rambling w/ y’all soon.

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